Friday, May 17, 2013

Legend of Edda Open Beta has begun

Hey everyone. I'm here today to talk about the new release of Legend of Edda published by GamesCampus.    I don't know how many of you have played the old Legend of Edda, but this game is basically the same game with different skill setups, some new content, updated balances and more.   The game first opened yesterday and my first experience was a blast.  I play on a slower satellite internet connection and despite some lags, the game run decently on a slower connection.  This game is centered around the fight between the Olympians and the Titans.

The first few quests gets you introduced to the fighting system and introduces a the start of a small story-line about the dragon Pakeda and you also go through other small story quests helping the residents of Gaiyan Town.  The RvR (Realm vs Realm) wars begins with level 2 through 40 and opens all the way up to level 40, the current level cap.   There is no auto combat, the item mall is fairly priced, and the game's graphics are little pixelated from the CBT content, but that will be fixed in an update soon to come.  Levels 1-4 are kind of slow, and levels 4-11 occur quickly, with mobs giving around 3% exp per kill and die kind of fast.

My CBT experience is similar to my OBT experience as well, so reaching the first class advancements at level 20 should take less than 2 days.  Equipment enhancement system is improved since the last Edda release.  Up to +3 equips won't degrade and up to +5 equips won't break and max enhancement is either +9 or +10.  Enhancement items drop from mobs and are obtainable from quests, and protection items are available in the mall for a cost that even the working class could afford.  

To achieve a free upgrade level, tiered upgrading is recommended. This means that you take 1 equipment and try to reach +5.  From here, you enhance another similar equipment to +6.  Then take the +5 enhanced weapon and try to make it +7 etc.  This will take more work than just using the item mall, but it will keep you at your strongest.

Some new additions in this game that i have noticed are that the old god skills have been rebalanced and introduced as regular skills, and there is a fishing event anyone can participate in to earn fish, buff items, exp, and aqua coins for use to exchange for timed costumes and other neat items.  This is really good to do when you afk and want to earn stuff over night.

Below will be some screen shots of the game, and hope you all will give Legend of Edda a try.  It's well worth trying this Free to play game that so far is not pay to win.  Work hard with your friends and it's easy to get some good stuff.

Fishing Dragon in Gaiyan

Lol...dancing with you know who ;)

Some costumes 

Example of a pose and this is a mini boss quest mob

More costumes